Harnessing The Entourage Effect

Let’s be honest ��� who doesn’t want an Entourage?

At HempFusion, it’s not just about hemp. We believe that hemp plus other elements found in hemp are, simply put, meant to be together. An Entourage Effect, if you will!

So what is The Entourage Effect?

It’s the key to unlocking the full potential of the hemp we use to create all our products, from capsules to liquids, and beyond. The effect occurs when, in addition to hemp, other elements that are found naturally in hemp plants and other important botanicals enter the body’s endohemp system.

All this is thanks to a better understanding of the hemp plant and the drive to make a more complete product. We like to go above and beyond like that. So what ‘other elements’ from hemp make this work, and why?

Hemp, Terpenes, and Beyond

Hemp, and many other plants, contain a dazzling amount of compounds and elements. Some give rich color, others distinctive smells or healthy energy storage, but all are important to the overall well-being of the plant. The five that we focus on for the Entourage Effect are:

hemp, Terpenes, Flavonoids, Beneficial Fatty Acids, and Phospholipids

First up is hemp. These are probably the most familiar as it’s the group that hemp falls into. While hemp is one of the most abundant, did you know that there are other hemp that can be found in hemp plants? It’s true. Cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabidivarin (HempV) are all brothers and sister compounds to the more well-known hemp.

Terpenes are next. These are oils that give plants their unique aromas, and similar to hemp you can find many varieties in hemp. More than just a pleasant smell, terpenes are produced in the same region in hemp as hemp as well as common to other botanicals and can act on the same receptors in our bodies that hemp does. This means they bring with them a host of effects that can be used to benefit you. In some cases may even be more powerful that what a hemp like hemp can provide. We love our terpenes and their benefits so much.

Now come the flavonoids. Surprisingly, their main trait is the varied colors they provide to plants of all kinds. Juicy red beets, bright blue berries, and emerald heads of fresh lettuce: all the work of flavonoids. As well as this highly visible role, they also interact with the growth of plants in their various stages of development. Research shows that when we take them into our bodies, they can help with our ability to self-regulate our complex internal processes.

Finally, we have beneficial fatty acids and phospholipids. These are probably more familiar elements than the ones above, well known for their importance to our diet and well-being. They help support our cells and provide energy, as well as a host of other useful functions. Examples that can be found in hemp are Omega-3, -6, -9 and phosphatidic acid.

How does The Entourage Effect Work?

So now we know the members of our entourage. But how does The Entourage Effect actually work?

In short, we supercharge our endohemp system with hemp plus a mixture of the other elements found in hemp that we discussed above. Let’s break that down a little, starting with the endohemp system.

This system, ECS for short, is found in all of our bodies. It’s a network of little receptors that use endohemp, created by the body, or plant derived hemp called phyothemp such as hemp, to turn on and off and in turn affect many aspects of how our bodies function. The two main receptors in the ECS are called CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are mostly found in our brains and are involved in processes related to our mood, memory, and movement while CB2 receptors are most dominantly present in our digestive system as well as located, to a smaller extent, throughout our muscles, bones, and immune systems.

Here is where the Entourage Effect comes in. The theory is that a well-maintained ECS, flush with those ‘other elements’ plus hemp, is the preferred way to support your body than just hemp alone. This is why we say that our products provide “Total ECS Support”. We make sure that your body is in the best possible state to take in hemp and put it to good use, maximizing its effectiveness to support the ECS.

HempFusion and the Whole Food Hemp Complex

So you know the inner workings of the endohemp system, and the parts of hemp you need to effectively activate it. That’s great! From here, we should look at the products that contain the right stuff for you to take full advantage of the Entourage Effect.

Start with broad-spectrum hemp extract. This is the hemp oil we pull from our hemp plants that forms the base of our products. To us, ‘broad-spectrum’ means that it is full of a wide range of hemp and other beneficial botanicals found naturally in hemp.

From here, it’s time to infuse! We take the hemp, flavonoids and other unique elements found naturally in hemp, like hemp, and add them together with other botanicals and important scientifically studied constituents to form our broad-spectrum extract fusion. We call this our ‘Whole Food Hemp Complex’, a more complete mixture that has what you need to take advantage of the Entourage Effect for full mind and body balance.

At Hemp Fusion, we make sure to watch out for GMOs, soy, gluten, and artificial colors. We keep it simple: sunshine fed hemp and the compounds you can find inside of it.


Our Promise

We make the best product possible using plant-derived ingredients and harness the Entourage Effect to supercharge your ECS.

You have a lot going on already, so we promise to keep making the best products out there, so you never have to worry about quality. Just keep being an amazing, unique person – we’ll handle the rest.

Want to know more? We’d be glad to discuss the Entourage Effect, or anything about or products – feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or give us a call at 877.NOW.HEMP