I love this product. I feel more energetic each day when I take this product
Sal A.
Unbelievable product. I noticed the difference...
Peter F.
Great product. Works like intended.
Russ T.
I bought this on Amazon but wanted to leave a review here for those who might see it. This product is making a difference in each of our family members lives. We have two high school athletes in our family and we discussed and debated quite a bit whether we wanted them to use this product. We all committed to it as a family and along with a focus on our diet and exercise, we talk about how we feel each week. We all agree that Hemp Fusion is giving us more energy, we feel healthier and more in balance like this website says, and we feel good about taking this product. It was a deliberate decision for us, and after five weeks, we feel our expectations have been exceeded. Thank you.
Alise R. & Family
It works! I buy this for my husband, and he swears by it. He says he is sleeping so much better and feeling more rested.
Mary S.
Full night's sleep. So far so good. Been sleeping through the night. Thank you!
Shani T.
Effective product for sleep. HempFusion Sleep works well to relax me for a great sleep.
Rick A
I have combined this product with their Sleep phytocomplex and I am feeling fresh and energized every day. I was skeptical at first, but the energy boost to my daily routine from 5.0 has really been a welcomed surprise.
Justin M.
Product is a great value!
Julie C.
great product, great service
Amazon Customer
I do feel better!
Anita S.
Great product so far. I have been using it every night before taking rest for about week. I am impressed with how much better I am sleeping. Waking up less and feeling better in the morning with no grogginess! Highly recommend this product.
Amazon Customer
I'll keep purchasing every month ...
Amazon Customer
They work. Enough said!
Snoze Z
Great Product.
Nylsa C.
I Love ❤️ it
Amazon Customer
This product is fantastic. While expensive, it can certainly be worth it for those who need GABA support. Taking one of these before bed has given me excellent sleep quality. Great quality product, highly recommended!
Dvon D.
This product works. I definitely feel less stressed and have more energy.
Adam L.
Omegas, Hemp all in one product. This is definitely a must have!
Taylor G.
Good buy. Will buy again!
Roy C.
Their proprietary hemp blend is fantastic! This product works wonders for my wife who sometimes struggles to stay asleep. Take it when you're ready to go to bed. The other line extensions are equally amazing, especially the stress and extra strength.
East Village Guy
I am sleeping better and feeling refreshed in the morning! Making a big difference!
Amazon Customer
Holy Cow!! I have been using the Sleep formula and all i can say is wow. I have never slept better in my life. I go to sleep faster and when I wake up I feel rested and ready to take on the day. Thank you for this product. You have a customer for life.
Donny P.
Great!! Wonderful !! Awesome!! Highly recommend it!! And most of all, “Zzzzzzzzzz”. ?
Carlina K.
I use this with the Stress Phytocomplex each morning. Absolutely incredible change in my general mood throughout the day!
Larry N.
Love it!! This stuff CHANGED my life. LOVE it!!!
Nicole B.
Stress no more without negative affects of grogginess and no energy.. it feels like it is not only relieving my stress but clearing my mind and allowing me to go about my day energized calmly and thinking clearly.
I love this product! I have monkey brain when I’m stressed where my mind wanders for hours, but now I use this. It calms me fairly quickly and I fall asleep within a reasonable amount of time.
Awesome! I love this product. when I have a lot going on in my life, I order this to relax and stress me free. thank you very much for making this product. it amazing!
This product will change your life!! I have a stressful job. Since I started taking the Hemp Fusion Stress Formula I feel calm and able to handle all situations both at home and work. This product has changed my life.
Terri B
This is the one supplement I take every morning because I believe it works. I notice a difference every day and I love the way I feel less stressed and more balanced. It is an important part of my daily routine. THANK YOU! great product.
I picked up a try-it size from the checkout line. The package had two "servings" with one capsule recommended at a time. As a worrier and a workaholic, I thought it couldn't hurt to try these. I picked up two more this week and I'm ready to buy a month's worth.
Amazing. Relaxes nerve endings in your body sleep good to relax good too.
Irene S.
I took this after a recommendation from a friend. I’m noticing a difference and feel good that it’s a natural product.
A life changing product!! I have been taking it for three months now and the results are simply incredible. Thank you for an amazing product!!
My wife started taking this product about 6 months ago and the difference in her mood and general outlook are so much better. She can handle daily stress and seems to be more calm and positive. Thank you for a great product!
Bill B.
I love this just got it today and I’m so relaxed lol I’m tempted to take another but I’m going to wait till morning.
Amazing product! This is helping! Love, love, love!
Anne C