HempFusion® Is Proud to Donate to Frontline Heroes in New York City

DENVER, April 28, 2020 /CNW/ – HempFusion® (“the Company”), a leading hemp and dietary supplements Company is pleased to announce, in partnership with Verdant Oasis, the donation of 1,000 bottles of HempFusion’s Stress Hemp Extract Capsules formulated with ashwagandha, a unique botanical scientifically studied to support the body during occasional stress to front line workers in New York City.

“This idea was originally inspired by the CEO of Verdant Oasis, Beata Jedrzewska, by asking the question ‘what more can we do to support those that so selflessly give themselves to help all of us?'” stated Jason Mitchell, N.D., Co-CEO of HempFusion. “From there the collaboration between HempFusion and Verdant Oasis began with Carl Germano C.N.S, C.D.N., Vice President of Verdant Oasis, Chris Kilham ‘The Medicine Hunter’ and the HempFusion team. Our goal was simple, provide free nutritional products to the selfless frontline medical workers in New York City”, continued Mitchell.

“We have been looking for ways to support our frontline heroes as we recognize the enormous sacrifices these individuals are making on a daily basis for our safety,” stated Ian deQueiroz, Co-CEO of HempFusion. “We hope this inspires others to give and we encourage everyone to find ways to help during these unprecedented times,” continued deQueiroz.

The ongoing demands of frontline healthcare work includes extraordinary stress, and New York City has been hit particularly hard. This donation between HempFusion and Verdant Oasis aims to support these frontline workers during these unprecedented times.

“We would like to thank all of the workers in the medical profession, hospital staff, first responders and more who are working around the clock to save lives and take care of others during this challenging time,” stated Jason Mitchell, N.D., Co-CEO of HempFusion. “If you are a frontline worker outside of the NYC area, please stay tuned as we are working on something for you in the near future”, continued Mitchell.

Starting on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 frontline medical workers and first responders including; hospital staff, and all other frontline workers can access their free HempFusion product while supplies last by showing their employment ID at Willner Chemist, located 100 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017, United States from 8:45 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday and from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturdays.


HempFusion is a premium wellness company featuring dietary supplements including hemp with distribution of its family of brands to over 3,900 retailers across 47 US states. The Company strives to maintain the highest level of compliance in the industry. HempFusion’s wide variety of 25+ products sourced from quality phytocompounds manufactured under cGMP standards designed to attain efficacy and safety. HempFusion’s primary focus is formulating and marketing premium consumer-specific product lines with various delivery methods, across multiple distribution platforms. The Company’s products are based on a proprietary Whole Food Panoramic Broad-Spectrum Hemp Complex™ and are available through independently owned and national chain health food stores, or by visiting www.hempfusion.com.


Verdant Oasis (“VO”) is a vertically integrated grower and manufacturer of the highest quality hemp oils and other specialized dietary ingredients. In addition, VO goes above and beyond being a raw material supplier by providing our clients R&D support, marketing assistance, and delivering cutting edge education on the role of the ECS and hemp for health and well being. VO has unique IP and end-to-end control of the entire process, including specialized plant genotypes, refined agricultural & farming practices, proprietary extraction methodology and advanced post-extraction techniques. VO products are produced in FSMA-registered facilities, operated under strict HACCP & GMP controls.

Jason Mitchell, N.D., Co-CEO of HempFusion
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