HempFusion® Announces Launch of Terpene-Infused Broad Spectrum Hemp Topicals

DENVER, Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – HempFusion®, a leading Hemp/Hemp Company in the United States with distribution of its family of brands to over 3,400 retailers across 47 states, is pleased to announce the launch of its new line of all-natural topical formulations. HempFusion’s terpene-infused, full-spectrum Hemp topicals feature plant-based terpenes infused with HempFusion’s unique full-spectrum hemp Hemp extract that can be applied directly to the skin for quick and easy support.

Hemp Extract Hemp Cream

Hemp Extract Hemp Cream

“Our product development team led by naturopathic doctor and Company President, Jason Mitchell N.D., continues to create best in class full-spectrum Hemp products and we look forward to releasing more SKU’s focused on consumer needs in the coming months,” Stated Ian deQueiroz, Co-founder and CEO of HempFusion®. “Additional products not only benefit consumers but also help the Company expand its potential retail distribution channels with big box grocery stores, pharmacies and national and independent retailers,” continued deQuieroz.

Currently available in a Hemp Extract Hemp Balm and Hemp Extract Hemp Cream, HempFusion’s terpene-infused topicals offer soothing topical support that works by interacting with the human Endohemp System in a non-intoxicating capacity. While Hemp content is important, HempFusion’s nutrient-dense topical products are crafted with high-quality whole hemp nutrients that are far beyond Hemp alone. For instance, HempFusion® topicals feature plant-based terpenes like ß-caryophyllene, and other key ingredients for topical support, like soothing Menthol from Mint, as well as MSM and Magnesium Oil.

Hemp Extract Hemp Balm

Hemp Extract Hemp Balm

“Topical creams and lotions are emerging as the most popular Hemp offerings on the market. HempFusion combines the highest quality sources of phytocompounds manufactured under the strictest cGMP standards to achieve maximum efficacy and safety,” said Jason Mitchell, Co-Founder and President of HempFusion®. He adds “HempFusion® stands alone when it comes to the added benefits of terpenes in all of our products. We are excited to offer consumers new and innovative products across a variety of delivery methods.”

HempFusion® is now targeting over 26,000 new stores, including conventional grocers, drug and convenience stores, vitamin and fitness shops, and doctor and practitioner networks. With 14% of American’s stating they use Hemp according to Gallup Inc. and industry-leading financing in place, HempFusion® continues to expand its product portfolio, distribution channels and increase brand awareness to become a leader in the global Hemp market.

HempFusion’s complete product offering, additional information and store locator can be accessed by visiting www.hempfusion.com.



HempFusion is a premium hemp-based hemp (“Hemp”) wellness Company with distribution of its family of brands to over 3,400 retailers across 47 US states. The Company is engaged in the advancement of therapeutic benefits of industrial hemp extract while maintaining the highest level of compliance in the industry. HempFusion’s wide variety of 25+ broad spectrum Hemp products are sourced from only the highest quality phytocompounds manufactured under the strictest cGMP standards to achieve maximum efficacy and safety. HempFusion’s primary focus is formulating and marketing premium consumer-specific product lines with various delivery methods, across multiple distribution platforms. The Company’s products are based on a proprietary Whole Food Hemp Complex ™ and are available through independently owned and national chain health food stores, or by visiting www.hempfusion.com.

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